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December 2, 2011

Apartment Gardening

by stephaniecorleto

While the system of hydropnic apartment gardening made from discarded plastic bottles is amazing (and something I am intend on trying!), what stuck with me was how she described our dependence on systems. This drive for autonomy and self reliance sparks all DIY initiatives:

I like many of you am one of the two billion people on earth who live in cities. And there are days when I feel how much I rely on other people for pretty much everything in my life, and some days that can even be a little scary.

-Britta Riley

But autonom and self-reliance do not mean alone. With the “R&D-I-Y”  – research and development your self. DIY does not have to be singular, as our class has been throwing around it is ‘Do-It-Together.”

September 21, 2011

Makeshift Magazine: Global DIY

by Farah

Makeshift is a new “quarterly magazine focused on grassroots creativity and invention around the world.” It sounds like they are trying to expand upon what the Maker Faire and Make magazine do and introduce people to global perspectives on DIY that they might not otherwise have heard about. They have contributors in 20+ countries, so it’ll be cool to see what kinds of projects they end up featuring.

The Atlantic had a small preview a couple of weeks ago: there’s a farmer/roboticist in China, a man in Kenya who made a text message controlled smart home system (photo below), a technology Fab Lab in Barcelona, and a few more.

Photo by Erik Hersman

As the narrator in the video says, “sometimes making is a tool for survival, enterprise, or self expression. Particularly in environments of scarcity, you will find immense creativity.” I think that this is a really important contrast between DIY in more affluent communities versus other cultures where DIY initiatives often grow out of the need to be resourceful with what’s available. Several people in class criticized the Maker Faire for not focusing on sustainability enough, which is a totally valid point. I’m curious: what do you guys think about this project?

The Kickstarter for Makeshift has already met its goal, but you can still pledge if you want a copy of the magazine or any of the other rewards.