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October 21, 2011

Valpo Surf Project Silent Auction Tomorrow

by Edmund Kasubinski

A friend of mine helped start this unique DIY initiative in Chile.  The Valpo Surf Project is a program designed to teach surfing to underprivileged folks in Chile.  Even though a city like Valparaiso is near a beautiful, surfable ocean, the high cost of surfing equipment keeps its citizens from enjoying such a hobby/sport.

From the website:

In Valparaiso, a city comprised of homes built on the hills surrounding an industrial port, there is a disconnect between its youthful inhabitants and the ocean. Although most see the ocean everyday of their lives, many of the city’s youth have never had the opportunity to experience the Pacific Ocean and Chile’s beaches. We wanted to create a way that Valparaiso’s disconnected youth could learn to engage with and protect the local marine environment.

The resulting idea evolved into the Valpo Surf Project, a community organization that engages its young participants with the surrounding marine environment through weekly surf outings and focus on fostering three distinct components: personal character development, environmental consciousness, and English language education.

And every so often the folks at Valpo take their initiative to the Big City to hold a well-organized fundraiser such as this weekend’s silent auction.  Here’s a link to the event:

3rd Annual NYC Silent Auction at Crop to Cup

For 25 bucks you get beer, wine, snacks, and door prizes, plus a chance to bid (silently) on some local art; plus you contribute to a good cause.

I’ll be stopping in tomorrow for a bit, maybe I’ll see you there!