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September 13, 2011

Bio: Sara Fusco

by sarafusco

Where to start?

In large part, my interest in this class was sparked by a desire to explore various approaches to DIY storytelling. I admit that I’ve had limited exposure to many of the DIY concepts and projects we’ve begun to read about and discuss. But I’m also beginning to realize that many of the things I’ve been involved with over the years are, in fact, surprisingly relevant. Or at least they skirt around the edges… (just nod and say yes)?

(An example: A recent project brought me to Uganda, where we met this awesome guy who invented something pretty spectacular, I think)

As more background on me, I’m originally from upstate New York. I completed my undergraduate degree in political science many years ago in Pittsburgh. I skipped around DC for a while, working at a legal aid NGO (aka non-profit) doing fundraising, marketing, graphic design, event planning…essentially whatever I could get my hands into. I then worked at a refugee advocacy NGO, where I started focusing on online outreach, communications strategy, and video production. I traveled twice to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan interviewing Iraqi refugees and producing videos. And this was the project that finally pushed me toward pursuing my Master’s here at the New School.

I’ll graduate this Spring, and afterwards I hope to continue to focus on storytelling projects that are largely related international human rights and humanitarian work. But I’d like to engage in ways that are different from the “norm” whenever I have the chance, and hopefully this class is my gateway to some new ideas and approaches.

And here’s another video, simply because I still feel incredibly lucky to have been there, from a recent trip I did with an NGO on the eve of South Sudan’s independence. My DIY approach to filming without a lightpanel on pitch-black streets at midnight? Taping on my headlamp and rushing out to the street, hoping that somehow it would work…

September 13, 2011

Bio: Lily Antflick

by Lily Antflick

Hi! I’m Lily.

I’m from Toronto, Canada and this is my third semester in the MA in Media Studies program at the New School.

I did my undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal. My background is in Art History. I’ve worked at several Canadian art galleries and also in film production at Radke Film Group and Soft Citizen in Toronto.

My focus in the program is Design but I am interested and open to a diverse array of fields and discourses, especially in regards to local and global DIY initiatives.

Most of my personal DIY projects are arts & crafts or food related. Some DIY activities that I enjoy include: creating origami cranes and pinwheels, inventing new recipes in the kitchen, thinking up unique interactive drawing games, drafting my own typography and painting gifts for friends. Lately, I have taken up knitting as my newest DIY hobby. Contrary to the New York dining norm, my most memorable evenings involve weekly cooking adventures with friends, where we experiment with new ingredients and veer from traditional recipes in the kitchen.

Experimenting with Beet Gnocchi

A birthday present that I made for a friend (recycled wooden frame and painted canvas)

This past summer, I worked at the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam on the ‘Out of Ink’ Project, where I researched the changes occurring in the publishing world and the differences and implications of print vs. digital publishing. The initiative views publishing as more than just an avenue of communication but also as a way to challenge legal, technical and social standards embedded in intellectual property, scholarly communication, and notions of authorship. One of our motives in this project is to act as an organized facilitator of DIY publishing practices, to further professionalize them and provide a model for others.

I’m really excited about this class…I think we should all delve into as many DIY NY projects as possible this year.

DIY Candy Apples

September 13, 2011

Bio: Edmund Kasubinski

by Edmund Kasubinski

Since I already biographicized myself in class to most of you the other day, I’ll be brief.  I could just end the post right there (I did invent a word in the previous sentence) but I’ll go on:

I mentioned my musical DIY project, which is entitled Pepper Coat.  It’s not so much a pseudonym as it is the name of the band.  And it’s not so much a band as it is only comprised of me.  And, I guess people have called me Pepper Coat directly before, so I suppose Pepper Coat is in fact a pseudonym.  You can call me Edmund though.

A performer/musician pretty much has to be DIY these days, doing the managing and recording and promoting.  All that stuff, and also if they’re ambitious (and 9 times out of 10 eccentric) they can even play all the instruments and self-produce (see:  R. Stevie Moore)  So, I try and do that kinda stuff:

This one is me DIYing a punk band:

And this one is me Elvising with myself:

Well, enough about Pepper Coat.  I hope to work with everyone in the class to learn about new DIY initiatives.  I really had no idea how much stuff was going on out there and I’d like to get in on it… any of it, really.

Pepper Coat

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September 6, 2011

Bio: Nick Brewer

by Nick Brewer

Welcome to Creative DIY Cultures and Participatory Learning! My name is Nick Brewer and I’ll be the TA for the semester. I am very excited for this year

I’m using this first post as an example of what is possible in these blog posts, so here goes. It is very easy to put in text, video, links, and pictures into each of these posts so go nuts!

I was born and raised in the small town of North Pole, Alaska. After graduating from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, I sold everything I could, and with a hockey bag and a few boxes, head off to New York City in the Fall of 2007. Since then I’ve been an Audio Newsgatherer at Fox News Radio, cutting tape on every type of event imaginable and even covering the New York City Comic-Con and Nathan’s Annual 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Shameless plug!

Quiz Buzzers from Nick Brewer on Vimeo.

I’ve been known to pick up a hobby or two a week and see how things turn out. From learning how to circuit bend electronic toys to building my own work bench, these skills came in handy in the month leading up to Santacon 2009 when I built a seven foot tall robotic Santa Claus costume. The day after Santacon 2009 I began planning for the following year. The idea to build a better robot and film a documentary came in a sleep induced high on a warm summer evening.

Please check out my documentary Santas On The Move