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November 15, 2011

dinner & a show

by noah

Wednesday night I’m hosting a FMLY dinner & a show in Bushwick and thought it’d be so nice to extend the invitation to this blog and the class. Dinner & a Show is a series my friends and I began in Los Angeles over the summer, and it has since extended into Brooklyn, Eau Claire (Wisconsin), and hopefully beginning real soon in Philly and Boston. The driving theme is to allow aural interaction to merge with the most pleasant of senses, and develop community outside of the codified space of venues whether they be corporate sponsored or an active diy loft space. These dinners are not meant to happen solely for the sake of pleasure, but to provide a means of intimate exchange [and a cushion for gas funds] for our friends that are on tour. Some folks who have joined us along the way have been Foxes in Fiction (Toronto), Candy Claws (Colorado), Yohuna (Wisconsin), Cloud Nothings (Ohio), and so many more buds.

My friends Hear Hums are on tour, coming from Gainesville, Florida, and this seems like the most appropriate way to welcome them back to Brooklyn. Also playing is Emily Reo and the Spookfish who has been traveling through Asia & Europe for the last few years in addition to a stint as Grouper‘s choirboy for a project in Portland. Before all of the music begins I’ll also present my workshop, Writing Home, and collect the first of many rounds of postcards. Needless to say I can not wait. I’ll be cooking all vegetarian and vegan friendly foods, and invite you to bring anything that you would like as well! Here is the facebook event with all of the info you’ll need ❤

And here’s a video that my Florida FMLY put together in promotion of the new Hear Hums album… Mitch and Kenzie are honestly some of the most incredible sound-makers I've ever met and the sweetest friends one could ask for. I really hope that some of you can share this experience, it's going to be a truly unique night.

November 7, 2011

The Knife Maker

by Nick Brewer

I found this short film about Joel Bukiewicz (and New School alum) fascinating. He had stalled in his career and turned that frustration into a successful business and a passion for a craft.

Made By Hand

October 15, 2011

Last Week to Experience Time/Bank NYC Restaurant

by Amanda Garque

Last September, Time/Bank opened a New York branch that has been set up as a temporary restaurant. For the past year, they have been serving lunch everyday for ‘time credits’ that are earned by helping other members of the time/bank community.

This Sunday (October 16th) is the last day time/bank will be cooking up meals in NYC. The restaurant is located at the Abrons Arts Center at 466 Grand Street and will be open from 1-3 for lunch. More Info