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October 31, 2011

Knit Wall Street

by Edmund Kasubinski

I saw a short little blurb in today’s Metro (one of the trashier free newspapers) about a woman who is knitting clothing for the protesters at Wall Street.  Knitting being a point of interest of the class, I figured I’d post a little about Marsha Spencer, known more simply as Marsha the Knitter.


Here is an “ireport” from

And there’s an interesting article on the website,, where the terms “craftivism” and “yarn bombing” are used:

Marsha the Knitter is reportedly knittin’ stuff for the cold occupiers, which is some good old homespun DIY engagement.  Perhaps if all were to knit, then the world would be a more comfortable place.


October 31, 2011

Johnny Cash Does DIY

by Edmund Kasubinski
Hear Johnny Cash sing a DIY anthem.  DIY car-makin’.
October 21, 2011

Valpo Surf Project Silent Auction Tomorrow

by Edmund Kasubinski

A friend of mine helped start this unique DIY initiative in Chile.  The Valpo Surf Project is a program designed to teach surfing to underprivileged folks in Chile.  Even though a city like Valparaiso is near a beautiful, surfable ocean, the high cost of surfing equipment keeps its citizens from enjoying such a hobby/sport.

From the website:

In Valparaiso, a city comprised of homes built on the hills surrounding an industrial port, there is a disconnect between its youthful inhabitants and the ocean. Although most see the ocean everyday of their lives, many of the city’s youth have never had the opportunity to experience the Pacific Ocean and Chile’s beaches. We wanted to create a way that Valparaiso’s disconnected youth could learn to engage with and protect the local marine environment.

The resulting idea evolved into the Valpo Surf Project, a community organization that engages its young participants with the surrounding marine environment through weekly surf outings and focus on fostering three distinct components: personal character development, environmental consciousness, and English language education.

And every so often the folks at Valpo take their initiative to the Big City to hold a well-organized fundraiser such as this weekend’s silent auction.  Here’s a link to the event:

3rd Annual NYC Silent Auction at Crop to Cup

For 25 bucks you get beer, wine, snacks, and door prizes, plus a chance to bid (silently) on some local art; plus you contribute to a good cause.

I’ll be stopping in tomorrow for a bit, maybe I’ll see you there!

October 3, 2011

Art Activism in Jersey City’s Powerhouse Arts District

by Edmund Kasubinski

Downtown Jersey City’s “powerhouse arts district” is a section of town that used to be filled with active warehouses and industries and is now becoming a gentrified residential neighborhood.  The original intention of this particular section was affordable studio spaces for artists, as the name suggests.  Inevitably, the neighborhood, which is getting more and more recognition, is becoming the destination for high rise condominiums and storefronts.  Right now there’s pretty much just a cafe and a dog grooming parlor among the artist studios and apartments.  The area still looks like a ghost industry town, except with cars parked on every street.

There is a neighborhood group called the PADNA (Powerhouse Arts District Neighborhood Association) that meets to help keep the neighborhood in control of its inhabitants.

Also there are local artists, who are against the commercial influence coming into the district.  Last weekend, I saw a sort of DIY activist art project at a site that is planned to have a high rise building built.  From what I understand it was originally intended to be a park.  Here’s some photos:








September 13, 2011

Bio: Edmund Kasubinski

by Edmund Kasubinski

Since I already biographicized myself in class to most of you the other day, I’ll be brief.  I could just end the post right there (I did invent a word in the previous sentence) but I’ll go on:

I mentioned my musical DIY project, which is entitled Pepper Coat.  It’s not so much a pseudonym as it is the name of the band.  And it’s not so much a band as it is only comprised of me.  And, I guess people have called me Pepper Coat directly before, so I suppose Pepper Coat is in fact a pseudonym.  You can call me Edmund though.

A performer/musician pretty much has to be DIY these days, doing the managing and recording and promoting.  All that stuff, and also if they’re ambitious (and 9 times out of 10 eccentric) they can even play all the instruments and self-produce (see:  R. Stevie Moore)  So, I try and do that kinda stuff:

This one is me DIYing a punk band:

And this one is me Elvising with myself:

Well, enough about Pepper Coat.  I hope to work with everyone in the class to learn about new DIY initiatives.  I really had no idea how much stuff was going on out there and I’d like to get in on it… any of it, really.

Pepper Coat

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