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November 8, 2011

Children’s museum!!

by diydonaldreed

Yesterday I visited a friend who works at the Children’s museum on 103 Charlton St. Its located in lower Manhattan, I think west village. Any who it was amazing, and surprisingly enough was very DIY oriented. What I thought was going to be art that children would like, or child themed, was actually children making the art and encouraged to make art on public spaces. There works were hung up everywhere, and some were remarkable. Here are some pictures I took of my experience.

November 1, 2011

those who have interest in production and film check this out.

by diydonaldreed

Bolex Project 1 (2011) from steff sanchez on Vimeo.

This a short film my friend Steff Sanchez created using an old film camera. I thought it would be good to show the class because she did this amazing split screen affect using a cardboard box and filming over footage. Also Amanda and I are in the film.

October 18, 2011

Help Donald Reed !!!!

by diydonaldreed

Hey there I’m writing this post to simply ask if anyone knows any DIY projects for children. I am a nanny or “manny”, or whatever you call it, and I watch a very sarcastic and honest 8 year old. He is great but when he is bored, or whenever a dull moment happens during conversation he has no problem letting me know that I am boring him. So I have decided to look up some DIY project for him to do. But I can’t seem to find any that would amuse him. He is hard to please, to the point where if I even make him crack a smile I feel my day wasn’t a complete fail. I even thought of taken notes from the readings and letting him use my camera to make up a story or a game where I ask questions and he answers with film. I remember hearing that there are some people in class that watch children, so please I would love some advice. I have to watch him and one of his friends for 12 hours next week. So I’m planning a day, so I don’t go completely crazy.


Donald Reed

October 12, 2011

Mila & fire vintage

by diydonaldreed

Mila and fire vintage store was started by two of my friends from back at home (Washington D.C.). Morgan Powell and Kelcie Glass are the owners of the online vintage boutique and are excellent examples of the DIY movement. They hand pick all the clothes they sell on their website, take the photos, blog and use twitter for advertising. They have become vintage staples in the Washington area, hosting parties, and throwing store parties were people could get a decent deal on their already amazingly priced clothes. They also travel to markets to sell their pieces. But of course what makes them DIY is that they do it all themselves. I wanted to write about them 1: I like supporting my friends and 2: they are really doing some great things with the use of the Internet and media.  Similar to my last post, it’s an excellent example of how success is made on the Internet.


September 25, 2011

Finally i can post!! Donald Reed

by diydonaldreed

An interview I did with one of my best friends who pretty has a DIY jewelry business.  And has become pretty successful all on her own.  She has sold jewelry to a few celebrities I.e. Erykah Badu, and just keeps on getting more and more opportunities.


She blogs, photographs, does her own public relations, designs jewelry, she is a part time stylist, and poet.  She is very busy.


The interview..


A great example of “Do it yourself” within our culture today can be seen
in the world of blogging. A good friend of mine Nyne, of Nyne Lyves,
knows a bit about this as she made all of her success through the online
world. Nyne is a rising jewelry designer, who gained most of her fan
base from Facebook. She blushes when we have these kinds of
conversations about how her mini empire has begun. “It’s so wild because
I have literally had a presence on the Internet since…middle school? I
remember joining Facebook in 2006 when it was only available for college
students. Now I have a Facebook “fan page” because I have “too many”
friends, like what is that?!” Though the idea of starting a fan page
sounds a bit obscure, the truth remains…the Internet is the place to
begin for an artist. Now Nyne is an Influencer for Vogue, and spends her
free time working with kids. Over the summer she spent a month at an
all-girls camp teaching them jewelry design; with DIY tips using nature.
The girls made pieces ranging from rock rings to purses with shells. For
some Facebook is the arch nemesis to reality, but for Nyne Facebook has
opened the door for opportunity.  the site to check her out is