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November 8, 2011

OWS: 7 Inspiring Videos, 3 Interactive Maps

by czenyilu22

7 Videos

Rural Farmers Unite to Feed Occupy Wall Street Protestors


Asmaa MahFouz @ Occupy Wall Street

Why Occupy Portland?

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) & Chris Hedges (Truthdig) on Charlie Rose

Where Do We Go From Here?

I am not moving.

3 Maps

ESRI: Occupy Wall Street Social Media Map

theguardian: DataBlog


September 22, 2011

Regretsy: Where DIY meets WTF

by czenyilu22

Snark Attack or Truthseeker?

April Winchell (aka Helen Killer), the mastermind behind Regretsy exposes the seedy underbelly of On her site, she tears apart the un-curated, all-inclusive world of the handmade where everything is precious. On the flip side, she says her motivation for the site is the charitable component where all the money she makes goes towards an Etsy seller in need. The truth is she loves crafts – tough love, at it’s derisive, morally offensive best. In an interview with Powell’s Books, April says that the most important Regretsy quality is that the item is, “… really, really sincere. If it’s too self-aware or they know they’re being funny or silly or happy, it doesn’t really amuse me as much. So I look for stuff that’s really genuine, when the person really believes that they’re making something important or wonderful.”

April Winchell will hurt your feelings, but oftentimes her picks end up increasing in sales. The “Hummingbird Hat” by Roy Road Fish Company is one of April’s top five favorite crafts and featured on the cover of her new book.

September 20, 2011

The Assignment Book by Luis Camnitzer

by czenyilu22

Hi everyone,

I’d like to invite you all to contribute to The Assignment Book []. It would be amazing if the website could be seeded by tomorrow evening’s opening. Per Christiane: “You can be ‘creative’ and your response to the conundrums or questions can take various forms — it doesn’t need to be text, it can be images or even links to outside materials that in some way ‘respond’ to the assignment”.

Here is an example of an assignment:

“Suggest geographic corrections to improve national wellbeing and explain.”

(photo by Luis Camnitzer) note: not all photos are uploaded, some may be changed

The Assignment Book: A Project by Luis Camnitzer

Sheila C. Johnson Design Center
Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries

September 21 – October 16, 2011

Curated by Christiane Paul and Trebor Scholz

In The Assignment Book, Luis Camnitzer presents unresolved conundrums and questions. The exhibition is intended to stimulate critical multidisciplinary thinking on the questions raised and prompt visitors to leave responses that serve as new stimuli for dialogue. Like the blog format, the exhibition offers a platform for the artist, curators, and visitors to enter into conversation as equal partners, thereby de-institutionalizing learning and challenging the traditional role of the artist/teacher.

The Assignment Book is organized as part of the MobilityShifts International Future of Learning Summit (The New School, October 10-16,2011).



September 20, 2011

FOOD FIGHT: Christine Zenyi Lu (bio)

by czenyilu22

DIY Fennel Crisps: Take a fennel bulb, shave it into thin slices (use a mandolin if you have one), drizzle it in olive oil and roast at 350 degrees. When the edges begin to turn brown and crisp, take it out and while it’s still hot drizzle with lemon, Parmesan, sea salt, and pepper.

Your house will smell like heaven and everyone will think you’re a genius.

As an undergrad, I studied English and film and moved to New York immediately after graduation. I’ve worked in documentary, the non-profit sector, and corporate television, as well as made elaborate prohibition-age cocktails behind the bar. Throughout it all, I was driven by my insatiable desire for fresh, quality ingredients and storytelling.

Smorgasburg is a perfect example of the food craze in Brooklyn. From rooftop farms, to urban beekeeping, pickling, kombucha/beer brewing, cheese/soap making, window farms, community gardens, seed bombing, foraging in Central Park, to vertical gardens – the list is virtually endless. If you can eat it, someone is making it. I love this. I want to document this with a new media project profiling people with good ideas who are changing the food industry.

Here is a Ted Talk by Britta Riley about a DIY initiative involving hydroponic gardens that she modeled after NASA.

By using a social media site, Britta is able to create an international community of over $18,000 people where testing each others ideas to create progress is more important than being the “idea guy”. She asks us to visit her website to rediscover “the power of citizens united and to declare that we are all still pioneers.” High-five!

The topic for TedxManhattan January 2012 is “Changing the Way We Eat” and I highly recommend checking out the videos from the 2011 talks (especially Brian Halweil “From New York to Africa: Why Food is Changing the World” & Cheryl Rogowski “Being a Family Farmer”). []

As inspired as I am by Britta Riley, I have to wonder if window farming is really going to change the problems of the food and agricultural industry. Can these DIY practices change policy? Is that there purpose? Is it enough that they are leading us towards more sustainable ways of eating and farming? What about the punk urban beekeepers neglecting their bees and was that tiny jar of honey really $15? Can there really be change in small steps, block by block?

At Maker Faire, I made seed bombs out of clay, dirt, and seeds to toss into vacant lots with Ioby (, which is like a Kickstarter for environmental projects. We decided that the answer to all the above questions is yes. Change is possible and happening all around us and the importance of keeping it local, positive, hopeful and visible.

How come the Arduino tent was 3x bigger than the sustainability tent? Did anyone try that enormous Paella?

Please send your food talk, food links, farmers, foragers and snacks my way!

DIY Paella Lovers Unite!

“Food is not the problem. Food is the solution.”~ Brian Halweil