Corporate Takeover of DIY

by StefiaMadelyne

Because I think we should start a running list of when/where DIY is being corporatized – the exploitation of DIY and DIT movements:

The above was a facebook ad in the corner of my screen this morning and it got me thinking… When corporations jump on board and mis-appropriate the terminology – what does this do to the REAL movements, what I consider to be the honest and subversive practices of DIY as I know and love them?
Any thoughts, examples, feedback?

One Comment to “Corporate Takeover of DIY”

  1. Just remembered Ariana’s post from a while back – copied here for convenience:

    NOVEMBER 2, 2011
    What’s DIY, really people
    Heatherer, as you were presenting your project yesterday, I thought about this example from The Gap. I took the picture on 10/09/11 in a store in San Francisco.

    I did some quick research and found this blog post. “The perfect photo for your holiday card is just a snapshot away. Visit your local babyGap or GapKids store to take part in a D.I.Y. holiday photo shoot. You can dress your little one up in Gap’s picture-perfect collection against a custom-made backdrop. Then head back over to Tiny Prints to showcase your photo in your favorite holiday card“.

    I loved Noah’s DIT (Do-It-Together) approach. Can we think about any better acronyms for these types of corporate Do-It’s?

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