flood hacks

by noah

Thai Flood Hacks is a tumblr dedicated to the documentation of social creativity following 2011’s monsoon season in Thailand and the resulting floods [wiki]. Additionally, the site catalogues creative flood adaptations in other cities as well. Within this image archive are snorkeling motorcycles, plenty of tall “freak” bikes, animal life vests and several boats which all have unique methods for steering or “motor power”. Tall bikes and boats may not seem like a spectacular feat when combating a flooded locale, but the social involvement in these materials is represented by how handmade these solutions are. Boats are made from discarded tires, mattresses, pieces of wood, or recyclables, caravans are built out of bikes to carry numerous people on one body-powered vehicle, and in the wake of disaster this blog dedicates its energy to depicting this situation as a creative dreamland [if it weren’t previously a home]. Definitely worth spending a few minutes browsing through when you have a chance… and I thought my basement in Bushwick had some sweet tricks.


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