Make Your Own Damn Movie!

by Tom Tenney

Hey everyone,

One of the legends of DIY filmmaking, Lloyd Kaufman, is doing a talk next Tuesday at SVA entitled “Make Your Own Damn Movie!”  For those aren’t familiar with Troma films, Kaufman is the genius behind such masterpieces as The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Sgt. Kabukiman, Terror Firmer and dozens others.  The talk is from 6:30-8:00, so you’ll probably have to leave a few minutes early to get to class in time, but I’m sure it will still be well worth it.  Here’s all the details:

Calling all aspiring filmmakers! We’re looking forward to seeing you at next Tuesday’s seminar with Lloyd Kaufman.  Be sure to RSVP at You can also reach us or 212.686.5005.

Make Your Own Damn Movie!

Just because you own a Flip and Final Cut Pro doesn’t mean you can make a movie anybody wants to see. To learn how it’s done, don’t miss the opportunity to hear from low-budget movie king Lloyd Kaufman, who runs Troma Entertainment, the longest-running independent film studio in the U.S.  Mr. Kaufman has produced and directed over 25 movies, including the popular hits:Tromeo and Juliet and Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. Directors Quentin Tarantino and Peter Jackson cite Kaufman’s cult fave The Toxic Avenger as a major influence on their work.

Lloyd Kaufman, President and Co-Founder, Troma Entertainment

Presented with the Film, Video and Animation Department at SVA. 

Book signing of Sell Your Own Damn Movie! and Make Your Own Damn Movie! follows the discussion. 

WHEN: Tuesday, November 15, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

WHERE: School of Visual Arts Theater, 333 West 23rd Street (8th and 9th Aves.)

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