Craftivism Collective: Mini protest banners

by hstrykdiy

This project was designed by the Craftivism Collective in the UK.

First, an introduction to the Craftivism Collective:
Our manifesto is: “To expose the scandal of global poverty, and human rights injustices though the power of craft and public art. This will be done through provocative, non-violent creative actions.”

Berlin July 2009

The project is simple: “The concept is to make a small unthreatening protest banner on a global justice or poverty issue that you care about. Then you put it up (with cable ties) in a relevant public space.”

This project is a simple way to occupy public spaces and keep the public aware of the ongoing protests. As advertisements interrupt our lives, invade our space, these banners hang in juxtaposition to the corporate takeover of our landscape. I feel that this project is an alternative (but not a replacement) for those (like me) who can’t spend the majority of their time at the protests. The zip ties that hang these banners are a great touch too. The zip ties have become a symbol of the hundreds of arrests that have occurred since the protests began.


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