‘Elf Girl’ Book Release Party Tonight!

by Tom Tenney

Of all the people I know, I think Rev Jen Miller best personifies the DIY ethic, aesthetic and lifestyle.  Performer, prophet, painter, preacher poet – The Village Voice voted her the Best DIY Go-Girl Over 21 in 2002, and I know some of you caught her reading at the RE/Mixed Media Festival kickoff party last Friday.  Tonight she is celebrating the release of her 3rd published book, Elf Girl (Simon & Schuster) at 10 pm at Bowery Poetry Club.   I can’t recommend this event highly enough, as there will be performances by some of the best DIY (and some not so DIY) downtown artists like Hi Christina, Jonathan Ames, Sean T. Hanratty and several others.   I will be there dressed as the door to room 6 of the Midway Motel in Pennsylvania – a reference to one of her stories in the book – and other costumes and weirdness will, I’m sure, abound.  It’s free and my guess is it will be fairly packed, so get there early.  Hope some of you can make it!

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