Occupy Wall Street – Photos/Interviews

by Nick Brewer

I took a trip down to Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park yesterday afternoon. Much like Tom did at Maker Faire, I recorded several interviews and took some photographs of the environment. I went into it looking for a DIY angle, but it was immediately clear that EVERYTHING down there is DIY. They have created their own society and rules to help keep the movement growing, they have set up a library, talks are given, an art space has been set up, etc. I kept thinking about the theater of the oppressed as I made my way through the very small area these people are holding as their own for the time being.

Below are some interviews I conducted, along with some photos… I’m not trying to make a statement on the actual event itself, but I know for a fact that sometime soon we’ll see a really good anthropological study done on this group. I’ll also be bringing in 2 copies of the “Occupy Wall Street Journal” during class today. Take a look at them (one in english, the other spanish) either before or after the presentation.

Ed Needham was manning the media/communications table and explained to me the basic philosophy behind the movement, their plans for the future, and the way the park has set up their own community.

Lydia Bell & Drey Demira are two people demonstrating at the park. Drey has been staying on and off for about a week and Lydia had a gigantic American flag that was being sewn back together in the park. (My observation that there was something deeply symbolic of having a group of people quite literally sew the American flag back together was not lost on her)

Here is a short piece featuring several people explaining the jobs they have been doing around the demonstration. It seemed like many just picked up a position where one was needed, but not everybody is chipping in.

3 Comments to “Occupy Wall Street – Photos/Interviews”

  1. This is wonderful, truly wonderful!!

  2. Great job Nick!

  3. Amazing! Thanks Nick.
    Here is an interesting article about the decision making process in this community – http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/10/occupy_wall_street_hand_gestur.html

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