WFMU Radiovision Festival Oct 28-30

by Tom Tenney

This event looks fantastic and is coming up right around the corner from our classroom in 3 weeks.  From their website:

WFMU presents a festival celebrating radio’s future as it takes on new forms in the digital age for the medium’s fans, tinkerers and future thinkers. A special opening night performance with Radio Legend Joe Frank, a day of talks, panel discussions and performances, and a hack day for programmers and digital media makers.

The third day of the festival is a “Hack Day” in which “WFMU and the Free Music Archive invite hackers, musicians, digital storytellers and DIY media-makers to devote a day to reinvent radio using images, social media, and open archive materials.”

Very sadly, the Joe Frank event on Friday is sold out, but I may try to see if I can get tickets somehow the night of the show.  Joe Frank is an all-time hero of mine and he won’t be doing these live performances for very much longer as he’s almost 80 years old.   Everyone they have lined up for the Saturday symposium looks amazing including Ira Glass, Kenyatta Cheese (he was in the RE/Mixed Media Festival last year and was great), Marc Maron, and many others.   The Sunday “Hack Day” is right up our alley and is only $7.


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