About our “Remix” Conversation

by Ariana Stolarz

As part of our conversation about repurposing media and the remix, I thought I’d share the work of a new generation of digital artists who are dealing with the Web 2.0 phenomena: how to tap into existing content generated by users — data, in the form, of words, images, and videos –, and rearrange it in novel, creative ways.

Here you have some examples by Natalie Bookchin:

Mass Ornament (2009)

Mass Ornament is a video installation in which hundreds of clips from YouTube of people dancing alone in their rooms are edited together to create a large dance with waves of synchronized movement. The dance recalls historical representations of synchronized mass movements of bodies in formations, from the Tiller Girls and Busby Berkley, to Leni Riefenstahl, as well as to Siegfried Kracauer’s 1927 essay on the mass ornament”.

Laid Off (2009)

Testament is an ongoing series of video installations made from fragments from online video diaries, or “vlogs” that explores contemporary expressions of self and the stories we currently tell online about our lives and our circumstances (…) In Laid Off, Vloggers individually and collectively narrate stories about losing their jobs”.


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