Regretsy: Where DIY meets WTF

by czenyilu22

Snark Attack or Truthseeker?

April Winchell (aka Helen Killer), the mastermind behind Regretsy exposes the seedy underbelly of On her site, she tears apart the un-curated, all-inclusive world of the handmade where everything is precious. On the flip side, she says her motivation for the site is the charitable component where all the money she makes goes towards an Etsy seller in need. The truth is she loves crafts – tough love, at it’s derisive, morally offensive best. In an interview with Powell’s Books, April says that the most important Regretsy quality is that the item is, “… really, really sincere. If it’s too self-aware or they know they’re being funny or silly or happy, it doesn’t really amuse me as much. So I look for stuff that’s really genuine, when the person really believes that they’re making something important or wonderful.”

April Winchell will hurt your feelings, but oftentimes her picks end up increasing in sales. The “Hummingbird Hat” by Roy Road Fish Company is one of April’s top five favorite crafts and featured on the cover of her new book.

2 Comments to “Regretsy: Where DIY meets WTF”

  1. I’ve recently come across a few critiques of Etsy. There was an article in Brooklyn Magazine and another blog with a strong anti-Etsy voice Both bring up this “rewritten history” of Etsy, that the founders Rob Kalin, Haim Schoppik, and Chris Maguire didn’t really start it to empower crafters. After doing freelance progamming work for a DIY/Craft forum they came up with the idea to create an eCommerce site. Their public claims for a devotion to all things handmade was a PR line. Other complaints include slowing sales, dysfunctional search engines, SEO issues, not patrolling for resellers, and favoring of Brooklyn-based vendors. They even added a feature where you can find someone’s search history, which comes up fairly high on a Google search. There are many other ethical issues when one does some digging…it makes me wonder about the lifespan of Etsy if there is a lot discontent in the community.

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