Pedagogy of the Oppressed: The Musical!

by Tom Tenney

I was just kicking around on Kickstarter looking at potential projects to fund and came across this one:

How timely and appropriate!  I put in ten bucks to be able to go to the opening night, if others of you do too we can make it a field trip!

Here’s more info:


Youth and student advocates from a Brooklyn community are working to change the education system with an inter-active theatrical event—Pedagogy of the Oppressed – The Musical! Based on the famous work by Brazilian educator Paolo Freire this original work dramatizes the diverse experiences of students, teachers and parents in public schools and the moments that influence our ideas about education. The play also demonstrates a fresh approach to learning and the teacher/student relationship. Think satire, smart mob, documentary drama, and a call for education reform, all wrapped up in an entertaining musical theater experience.

Falconworks’ energetic and culturally diverse community-based acting company employs techniques from Nobel Prize winner Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed, used to create theater with non-actors throughout the world. The group has produced over 100 original works, uniting adults and youth from an economically challenged community in Brooklyn, NY as allies to foster social change. All the organization’s work uses theater games, music, dance, skits and story-telling techniques to encourage spectators to become actors and to investigate economic, cultural, political and other social forces.

Falconworks Artists Group programs have been funded by Independence Community Foundation, North Star Fund, New York Department of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts. Funding from this campaign will be used to cover production costs, including, costumes, stipends to cover performer expenses, marketing and our set which will be designed by artist and activist Rachel Owens and made from recycled “found” materials.


One Comment to “Pedagogy of the Oppressed: The Musical!”

  1. This is incredible! Just pledged, I hope it happens.

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