The Use of Theatre For Change / Ismat Chughatai

by StefiaMadelyne

Mumbra’s women use theatre for change

Mumbra is a suburb of Mumbai that’s often in the news for the wrong reasons, located outside Mumbai it is notorious for its high crime rate and terrorist shootouts – An image that women from the community are trying to change through theatre. The words of writer Ismat Chughtai, written nearly 70 years ago continue to resonate in modern day Mumbra.

Ismat Chughtai

Ismat Chughtai (Urdu: عصمت چغتائی) (August 1915 – 24 October 1991) was an eminent Urdu writer, known for her indomitable spirit and a fierce feminist ideology. She was considered the grand dame of Urdu fiction, as one of the four pillars of modern Urdu short story, the other three being Saadat Hasan MantoKrishan Chander, and Rajinder Singh Bedi.  Her outspoken and controversial style of writing made her the passionate voice for the unheard, and she has become an inspiration for the younger generation of writers, readers and intellectuals.

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