The Silversmith’s Accolade

by alexandrakellyg

When I woke up this morning, I went through the list of MacArthur Genius Award recipients.  There are writers, scientists, historians, medical doctors and musicians.  There is only one fourth generation silversmith.  Ubaldo Vitali, 67 years-old from Maplewood, New Jersey, restores silver masterworks and fuses old with new to create original art.

Handmade Sterling Glass Modernist Tea Pot by Ubaldo Vitali

The way he synthesizes art history, art production and family tradition are quite powerful.  “My art comes from my mentors,” Vitali says. It is wonderful to see the MacArthur award be granted to someone who works with his hands and his mind, using physical materials to create and restore art.  And now, he has $500,000 to continue to create.  DIY well-rewarded.


One Comment to “The Silversmith’s Accolade”

  1. I think they chose some really great MacArthur Fellows this year. Who wouldn’t love half a million dollars to keep doing awesome things!

    Being a radio guy myself, I was overjoyed to hear that Jad Abrumrad from RadioLab received one as well.

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