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September 19, 2011

infinite love [tuesday evening]

by noah

Dustin Wong – My Song 6

Joe Ahearn, who some of you might know as the long-term caretaker of the recently pillaged Silent Barn, conducts a bi-weekly audio and social investigation of how DIYism could possibly exist in the Financial District of Manhattan. In collaboration with another project of Ahearn’s, Art International Radio, these regular gatherings / recording sessions meet in the Clocktower Gallery of 108 Leonard St [above the court summons building] and have been held as both solo exhibitions of aural entities and great battles between local notable sound enthusiasts. Folks like G Lucas Crane [of Woods], Dan Friel [of Parts & Labor], Prince Rama, Sun Araw, Lucky Dragons, and a long list of friends I admire have been kind enough to inhibit the space for an evening, and I’d like to invite everyone to swing by tomorrow before class to catch our friend Dustin Wong [of Ponytail & ex-Ecstatic Sunshine] completely level the building. Dustin’s point of entry into music is the guitar, but he executes his ideas in such a unique way that promotes accentuated self-referential development and onward moving themes through the use of his dazzling variety of pedals. Heavy on the loop and delay he submerges listeners into a classic RPG environment where paths are selected or amputated. Feel free to peek at the video above for reassurance, and maybe I’ll see you there tomorrow evening. Here is the fbook event for more information, starts at 6pm, free.

September 19, 2011

I don’t know how to knit.

by debmlong

I just want to relate my experience attending the World Maker Faire on Saturday. I am glad this class gave me a reason to attend this event, because it was pretty awesome, and well worth the trip to Flushing.

What remains with me the most (aside from the large, fire-breathing dragon spectacle extravaganza) was the enthusiasm of the participants and creators that I met throughout the afternoon.  A classmate and I wandered into a free knitting/crochet class. I can’t say I am particularly adept at this sort of thing, and I (unsuccessfully) tried a bit of knitting while talking with the older women who were teaching us. For me, the one thing that all of these people seemed to have in common, whether they were knitting socks or building robots or soldering was the enthusiasm to create something, and the sense of accomplishment and completion that comes along with producing something. This is definitely what brought it together for me-the idea of finding common ground amongst diverse individuals over a shared passion.

That is the theme, or idea, I would like to continue exploring throughout the semester-why and/or how people come around to these particular interests-aside from making a profit of course (if that’s even possible anyway).


September 19, 2011

“Made From Scratch” Film Event: Call for Submissions

by hstrykdiy

As I was looking through the Media Studies Tumblr I found a call for submissions that is related to our course:

Fathom + Hatch

Cultivating heirloom urban farms. Designing unorthodox musical instruments. Founding new workshops in old warehouses. New York offers the chance to incubate dreams and breathe fresh life into enduring passions. It has long had a siren’s call for those driven to create the bespoke, the repurposed, the transformative. It is a living laboratory for human exceptionalism.

To celebrate this cultural dynamism, FATHOM+HATCH, a New York-based marketing and innovation consultancy, is hosting an evening of short films to explore the theme of ‘Made From Scratch.’ It will spotlight the ongoing legacy of New Yorkers who create products, companies, and ideas wrung from the raw materials of the City and themselves.

A total of six short films will be showcased at a screening party in a SoHo gallery hosted by FATHOM+HATCH on Thursday, October 6th 2011. These will be selected by a panel of judges, including renowned photographer George Lange, tech blog extraordinaire, Peter Rojas (Gizmodo, GDGT) and MTV guru and creator of Heroverse, Tom Akel. Each of the six selected filmmakers will receive a membership to the IFCenter. The audience’s favorite, to be voted on the night of the screening, will receive a prize of $1,000.

Click for more info.