Maker Faire NYC 2011

by Nick Brewer

Maker Faire NYC 2011, a set on Flickr.

Tom has posted some great audio from Maker Faire, and here are some pictures I took on Saturday.

4 Comments to “Maker Faire NYC 2011”

  1. Hey, could you install a plug-in either for embedding a flickr slideshow (and flash objects in general) or to do a photo gallery within posts? It would be nice to not have to insert and resize images one by one 🙂
    If you want to make me an admin so I can do it, that’s fine too.

  2. I tried to embed the photos as a slideshow, but it was having issues with it. I’m looking for a solution to fix this.

    P.S. You’re an admin now!

    • Thanks! Strangely, I can’t find the plugins page anywhere on the dashboard. I think it’s usually under appearances. Maybe it needs to be enabled? I asked because I wanted to throw some photos in my own post, but I’ll just link out to flickr for now.

      • Unfortunately we don’t have plugins yet, it has to do with a difference in .org and .com with wordpress. If we hosted the site ourselves, we can use plugins… Its strange.

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