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September 16, 2011

bio :: noah klein

by noah

well hey there new friends, i’ve been at a loss for words after reading through the inspiring projects that everyone is up to… but here i am! my name is noah and i come from the land of venice beach, california, though to be fair i haaave been in new york for a solid four years now. i attended eugene lang for my undergraduate degree in media studies and the arts, graduated in may of ’11, and filed myself into the five-ish year program which brings us to the present. basically, my new school heart is pumping hard right now. but i’ll quit with this slow drip of formality and move towards what really turns me on. community. i believe that power doesn’t exist in vertical relationships, but in horizontal collaboration. to be absolutely vague the attraction of spectacle that we call business, hollywood, and politics are in theory a game of the weak, and it is in the proliferation of dialectic, collaboration, and collectivity that one can hope to become a part of the change that we wish to see in the world. but of course, it does no one any good to ignore the shameful reality we are a part of (i’m a big fan of situationism and the fluxus movement if you couldn’t tell already). but enough with the romantics, i’ll tell you a bit about what i do.

pt. 1 :: fmly is the creative project that has been my life’s work long before realization or understanding, and i’ll be the first to argue that i still don’t realize or understand quite what it is yet. i have actively been hosting and promoting arts events since the age of 14, at first convincing shops in santa monica and culver city to allow my friends to convert their storefront to a performance space for one night every week or two. during this time i also played in a local band, and building a community thread became a much more fascinating project than the mundane daily routine of attending a los angeles public high school. i’d like to see you learn your ap us history from a textbook that was copywritten in 1973. upon graduating and shipping off to new york to begin what would become the first enjoyable academic experience of my life, i began to notice that it was pretty weird that all of my friends were musicians, activists, writers, visual ponderers, and artists of all sorts, and my buddy cameron and i decided to start a blogspot documenting our own community. i hate to bore you with nostalgic details, but if we peek forward four years to see what became of our little collective of friends the results are splattered across multiple languages, continents, and timelines. what began as me in my dorm room has turned into a collective of the most positive and supportive friends that i can imagine, and inspiration that i honestly can’t keep up with anymore. without any external motivation we have successfully hosted four all ages music and arts festivals in previously unknown spaces, opened five DIY music and arts “venues”, released a healthy amount of zines, vinyl, and cassettes, illegally repaired los angeles’ infamous elliott smith mural, curated an entire free, outdoor, summer concert series, supported our friends as they have toured the world presenting their ideas and sharing fmly, and coordinated two years worth of global group bike rides which promote a re-territorialization of urban space. and i’m proud to say that this is only a brief summary of a speck of work and play in regards to what we are up to. the amount of heart work that myself and my friends and people on the other side of the world that i have yet to meet have put into this has completely blown my mind and once again rendered me speechless. currently we are working oh so hard on developing curriculum for a community center to open in the under-served neighborhood of inglewood, los angeles, with a focus on urban sustainability, bicycling and alternative forms of transportation, and music literacy. the youtube clip above is for a documentary that is currently being shot in los angeles, soon in new york, and we’ll see what the kindness of community can fundraise after that. during the time of this trailer the focus was our involvement in local bike communities, but last time i checked in on it the story rightfully expanded to the scope of how we approach our modern situation, or condition. needless to say i’m excited. also found it cute that out of all of the local music we encourage the filmmaker decided to use a david byrne & brian eno song as the theme.

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September 16, 2011

Hacking Art & Culture With FAT Lab

by Nick Brewer