Bio Natalia Guerrero

by Natalia Guerrero

Born in Colombia, raised in Latin America. Video artist and community organizer working with the use of video and photography for human rights advocacy and youth media projects. Currently working on the use of film documentaries as a personal reconstruction of memory (being your own historian), specifically with the idea that the reconstruction of memory is fragmented and dependent on the given or available information, in many ways evoked by what could be called “landscapes of memory”.

“Re-cons-tructing televisions and reprograming television channels.”

Besides building cameras as a DIY approach with communities I am also working on television circuits to make personal interventations, reconstruct personal memories and to play around with the idea of building your own television frequencies and content.

check out: Shooting Cameras for Peace, Escuela Audivisual Infantil and Ojo al Sancocho. (


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