Hole in The Wall

by stephaniecorleto

I found out about the  Hole-in-the-Wall project while exploring TED. Around 1999, Dr. Sugata Mitra (Chief Scientist at NIIT in New Delhi) wanted to explore unsupervised learning through computers. He carved a hole in the wall that separated the NIIT campus from the slum in Kalkaji, it it was a freely accessible computer.

The first Learning Station in Kalkaji

Mitra found that the children were able to learn basic computer skills when provided with suitable resources, entertaining content, and minimal human guidance.

In his TED talk, Mitra begins by saying (paraphrased), “the best schools and teachers don’t exist where students need them most.” But, through this project he has given  children in   underprivileged communities the opportunity to collectively learn, empower themselves, and explore new ideas. This is not meant to replace teachers, but to show that if children have interest education happens.

Since 1999 the project has become global and has taught children gone beyond basic technology use, to include language and science. To learn more about great the capacity is for this type of learning watch the TED talk!


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