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September 14, 2011

Radio Amateur Open Stage After Class Next Tuesday

by Tom Tenney

Prewar YardsaleRadio Amateur Open Stage is produced by my friend Nick, who hosts a DIY podcast called ‘Radio Amateur’ about underground music and performance in NYC.    He recently launched a bi-weekly open stage, allowing 8 minutes to anyone who wants to sing, dance, pontificate, moan, yell,  read, stand on your head, or anything else imaginable (and some things unimaginable.)  Of course, one is free to simply watch as well.  On his website, he calls the show “a tribute to the non-traditional artists and performers who are the unsung heroes of NYC’s art scene.”

I plan on going next Tuesday after class, as it starts at 10 and is not too far away.  Anyone else want to join?

Here’s the Facebook invite

Here’s the Radio Amateur website

September 14, 2011

Hole in The Wall

by stephaniecorleto

I found out about the  Hole-in-the-Wall project while exploring TED. Around 1999, Dr. Sugata Mitra (Chief Scientist at NIIT in New Delhi) wanted to explore unsupervised learning through computers. He carved a hole in the wall that separated the NIIT campus from the slum in Kalkaji, it it was a freely accessible computer.

The first Learning Station in Kalkaji

Mitra found that the children were able to learn basic computer skills when provided with suitable resources, entertaining content, and minimal human guidance.

In his TED talk, Mitra begins by saying (paraphrased), “the best schools and teachers don’t exist where students need them most.” But, through this project he has given  children in   underprivileged communities the opportunity to collectively learn, empower themselves, and explore new ideas. This is not meant to replace teachers, but to show that if children have interest education happens.

Since 1999 the project has become global and has taught children gone beyond basic technology use, to include language and science. To learn more about great the capacity is for this type of learning watch the TED talk!


September 14, 2011

Hello friends.

by debmlong

Hi all-

This is Deborah. I am from Brooklyn, NY (by way of Columbia, South Carolina and Philadelphia, PA).

 I graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 2007, with a BFA in Writing for Film and TV.

I started my MA in Media Studies with The New School in 2009 because I wanted to expand upon and continue to explore some of the things I only scratched the surface of in undergraduate school. When I started here, I thought I’d be more interested in theory, but I realized that I have gained the most out of some of the production work I’ve done-simply going through the entire process of producing a short narrative (albeit for a class) was one of the single most gratifying experiences I’ve had in a long time. I’ve learned, essentially, that I learn best, in any scenario, when I am actually, physically, doing something, and I think this is true for most of us.

I’d like to use this course as a way to further investigate and develop the ways in which one can share an experience and make it purposeful as an experience to share with others-how to create a learning experience, or space, out of a specific idea or event.

I want to try and put some of my ideas in the context of not simply “I want to do this,” but “Why do I want to do this, and how do I go about sharing this with other people in a way that is meaningful.”

I’ve been reading through some of the other bios, and I am truly excited to be in this class with the rest of you, and I look forward to learning from all of you.