Bio: Sara Fusco

by sarafusco

Where to start?

In large part, my interest in this class was sparked by a desire to explore various approaches to DIY storytelling. I admit that I’ve had limited exposure to many of the DIY concepts and projects we’ve begun to read about and discuss. But I’m also beginning to realize that many of the things I’ve been involved with over the years are, in fact, surprisingly relevant. Or at least they skirt around the edges… (just nod and say yes)?

(An example: A recent project brought me to Uganda, where we met this awesome guy who invented something pretty spectacular, I think)

As more background on me, I’m originally from upstate New York. I completed my undergraduate degree in political science many years ago in Pittsburgh. I skipped around DC for a while, working at a legal aid NGO (aka non-profit) doing fundraising, marketing, graphic design, event planning…essentially whatever I could get my hands into. I then worked at a refugee advocacy NGO, where I started focusing on online outreach, communications strategy, and video production. I traveled twice to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan interviewing Iraqi refugees and producing videos. And this was the project that finally pushed me toward pursuing my Master’s here at the New School.

I’ll graduate this Spring, and afterwards I hope to continue to focus on storytelling projects that are largely related international human rights and humanitarian work. But I’d like to engage in ways that are different from the “norm” whenever I have the chance, and hopefully this class is my gateway to some new ideas and approaches.

And here’s another video, simply because I still feel incredibly lucky to have been there, from a recent trip I did with an NGO on the eve of South Sudan’s independence. My DIY approach to filming without a lightpanel on pitch-black streets at midnight? Taping on my headlamp and rushing out to the street, hoping that somehow it would work…


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