Bio: Amanda Garque

by Amanda Garque

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I’m a third semester student in the MA Media Studies program. I’m originally from Montreal, Canada where I did my BA in Communication Studies (specializing in digital media production), Sociology and Liberal Arts.

My background is really rooted in traditional media production. For years I worked in the English television sector of Montreal for institutions such as the CBC, Food Network, and B360 Media. I moved to New York a little over a year ago and have since been working in film production and development at Braven Films.

I will be the first to admit that my experience with DIY has so far been rather superficial (a reality that I’m hoping to modify this semester). As hobbies I sew, plant vegetables & spices, develop recipes, experiment with visual arts, and create websites/blogs on various subjects. I was raised by a nutritionist so I have a particular interest in different food movements, health awareness and urban agriculture. However, through this class I would like to explore DIY in a more profound and meaningful way than I have in the past and learn about initiatives I currently know nothing about. I look forward to confronting the issues and questions surrounding DIY with all of you this semester!


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