Kizuna Cranes: Your wish can rebuild a life

by Ariana Stolarz

One special wish—In Japanese folklore, that’s what someone is granted when they fold 1,000 origami paper cranes. It’s an extraordinary undertaking, but one that creates a permanent bond with the recipients of that wish. It’s a bond that’s full of good fortune, full of friendship and full of hope.

The Japanese have a word for this kind of bond. They call it kizuna [key-zoo-nah].

As part of my job, I have the opportunity to engage in both client-related projects and non-profit initiatives in partnership with our Labs group.

Since my agency (mcgarrybowen) is part of the Japanese Dentsu Network, we have just launched a charitable participatory project called “Sponsor a Kizuna Crane.  Rebuild a Life.” to help our friends in Japan who are still recovering from the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.

Our wish is to raise funds for the long-term recovery efforts, allowing our fleet of cranes to travel the globe, from person to person, as a symbol of our kizuna, or bond, with the Japanese people.  To help us with our mission, we’ve tapped some of the most talented designers at Dentsu Tokyo and mcgarrybowen to create 30 one-of-kind crane designs.

I’d like to invite you to sponsor a Kizuna Crane ($10) or to spread the word with your family and friends around the world so we can harness the power of all individual contributions to reach our goal.

If you are into the origami culture, then fold your crane (you can watch our step-by-step instructions), share photos of your crane and add message of hope. And, of course, you can keep track of your crane’s journey on, and follow updates on Facebook and Twitter (#kizunacranes).


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